Lubrication and Friction Management

What common sense once told us about the benefits of rail lubrication and friction management is now backed by scientific research...

  • Enhanced wheel and rail life
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Noise abatement
  • Reduces lateral forces Reduced derailment potential
  • Reduces ground born vibration

H.O.W.™ we do it is just as important as why we do it

We are committed to the continuous advancement of lubrication and friction management science and its effect on Wheel/Rail Interaction. This commitment has enabled us to become the industry leader. H.O.W.™ we do it is exactly "how" we do it. We recognize that not one single type of application system can satisfy the varying needs of every rail freight and transit operator. The wide range of operating conditions found in the rail industry dictates a multi-systems approach that we call H.O.W.™ - hi-rail, on-board, wayside. You'll find innovation in every facet of our H.O.W.™ approach and advanced thinking in our Total Friction Management™ program!

Why the Total Friction Management™ program?

Before a particular application system is employed an assessment of the operating conditions can be performed by the Total Friction Management™ (TFM™) program to determine exactly H.O.W.™ enhanced wheel and rail life, increased fuel economy, noise abatement or reduced derailment potential can be realized.

The Total Friction Management™ (TFM™) program provides you with optimum solutions for a variety of wheel/rail interface challenges based upon our Assessment, Implementation, Management process.

AIM -- Assessment, Implementation, Management

Only the Total Friction Management™ program has covered you with such a complete offering

The Total Friction Management™ (TFM™) program will custom-tailor a package of services and equipment to meet the wheel/rail interface challenge and budget of every railroad and light rail transit system.

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