Jacking Systems

 Hydraulically powered, controlled from remote  push-button panel

Our Jacking System can be sized and arranged to suit jacks required for your installation.
The normal installation includes the following:

  • 75-ton capacity outside jacks at each side for lifting car, bolster and side frame for repacking, etc.
  • 150-ton capacity center jack for jacking under the center sill of special cars which cannot be handled with outside jacks.

Traversing Jacks

Our Traversing Jack makes possible a system which jacks any mix of car lengths. The hydraulically-powered Traversing Jack travels up to 30 feet, making it ideal for repair shops handling various length cars.

Shown here as a single center jack located between the rails, the system also can be furnished with two traversing side tracks  - one outside of each rail.

Outside jacks also can be furnished to transverse perpendicular to the rails. This allows jacking cars with non-standard jack pads or under-car clearance problems.

Locomotive Single-Axle Drop Table

  • Hydraulic System with separate work table and transporter provides significant advantages
  • Powerful and effective, this single-axle, hydraulic Locomotive Drop Table is far more reliable than mechanical tables - for change out of locomotive wheel/axle/traction-motor assemblies.
  •  Maintenance costs are significantly less.


  • Crossover loads are never transmitted to the transporter since work table is supported by locking bars in pit walls
  • Greater system durability is assured by virtue of hydraulic rather than mechanical units
  • Mechanical screw/nut systems are eliminated
  • High-wear gear boxes and mechanical drive systems are eliminated
  • Tilt cylinder speeds traction motor change out
  • Greater two-track economy and productivity - since two work tables can be used with a single transporter


Four powerful jacks mounted in the pit wall provide forces for jacking locomotive and removing traction motor. Removing the traction motor is facilitated by a powered tilt cylinder mounted on the work table.

Once the traction motor is removed, the work table is positioned on the transporter and then is lowered into the pit. Work table plus transporter are moved to an escape track where work table is raised and the motor/axle assembly is removed. Here the traction motor is replaced with a new unit.

The work table is raised and lowered by two hydraulic lifting cylinders. The scissors mechanism is included, not for lifting, but to provide stability as table is raised and lowered by lifting cylinders.

Protective Bellows Cover For 8" & 11" In-Floor Jacks

Now there is a way to extend jack life by preventing debris from getting down in between the inner and outer tubes. Debris such as rivets, bolts and dirt can work in between the tubes and settle at the bottom of the jack, preventing the jack from lowering all the way. Debris can also cause scoring and gouging of both the inner/outer tubes and the cylinder body, along with damage to the rod seals, which can cause premature leaking.

Our new flame retardant bellow, which is an aluminum/fiberglass type material, comes complete with clamps, zipper and ties. The bellows are easily installed with one end clamping to the top of the outer tube and the other end clamping to the top of the inner tube, just under the jack head. The zipper type construction allows for easy installation. Installation for the center jack requires the welding of steel bands to the top of the safety collar for the bellows to clamp onto.

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Contract Maintenance and Repair Services

We can provide repair, maintenance and retrofits to your equipment. Contact your representative for more information.