A concept which allows the car repair facility to be as efficient as the yard.

The Spot Repair System provides for repair of cars in an efficient central area, with car-handling achieved by rabbits under push-button control. The system can include integrated jacking, jib cranes, hose reels and other accessories. 

A most significant breakthrough in reduction costs in repair work, the Spot Repair System operates on this basic principle: Move the cars to the repair personnel and material, rather than have repair personnel carry materials to cars needing repairs.

Centralized control. All switches, derails, blue flags, car pullers and jacks are operated from a central control panel by the repair personnel assigned to the track – a separate control panel for each track in the system.

Among the system's principal advantages:

  • Increased labor efficiency and productivity – at least 100% over methods previously used. All work now can be done under strict supervision.
  • AAR billings more favorable. The AAR billing structure in most cases is based on less efficient procedures.
  • Reduction in per diem costs. Bad order delays have been reduced from 24 to 8 hours in a typical case.
  • 50% to 90% Savings in switch engine hours.
  • Improved Safety. The repair personnel now work in a much safer environment. A system of interconnected blue flags, switches and derails makes it impossible to switch engine or runaway car to violate the safety of the repair track area

All work is done under direct supervision, with a steady flow of cars assured.

This system creates far better and safer working conditions for the repair personnel. Tool, equipment and materials are within easy reach. There are sanitary and washing facilities and protection from the elements is assured.

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