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For more than a century L.B. Foster has provided the materials necessary to build and maintain the world’s infrastructure. Today, we have begun a new generation of innovation as we expand to become a leading product innovator in mainline, transit, mining, port and industrial rail markets worldwide.

Our rail and track accessories provide the field-proven quality necessary to build a reliable railway infrastructure. L.B. Foster’s new generation of comprehensive friction management and performance monitoring technology further strengthens the rail system by improving track safety and operational efficiency.

We have developed a wide range of proprietary systems to control friction between the wheel and rail for transit and freight rail applications. Our friction management products and delivery systems provide substantial cost benefits by maximizing equipment performance and minimizing wear at the wheel/rail interface.

L.B. Foster manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Our sales and product professionals are available worldwide.



Total Friction Management (TFM™) is the systematic assessment and implementation of friction control, combined with the technology to monitor, maintain and manage friction to achieve short- and long-term performance benefits. TFM maintenance, filling services and performance verification provides assurance that our friction management system is always working properly. L.B. Foster works closely with customers to deliver reports on short-term performance indicators, such as consumption, forces and coefficient of friction. Long-term, we monitor the benefits of our system on fuel consumption, wheel/rail wear, rolling contact fatigue and track structure.

Our Total Friction Management program has the inherent flexibility required to meet the specific needs and practical constraints of railroads to obtain the economic benefits associated with optimal friction management of the wheel/rail interface.


L.B. Foster is the innovative developer of ThinFilm™ friction control solutions. A major component of Total Friction Management (TFM), these products control friction at the wheel/rail interface reducing costs and improving performance. Used by rail freight and passenger operators around the world, our patented friction control products extend rail and wheel life, improve fuel efficiency, reduce green house gas emissions, noise, lateral forces, rolling contact fatigue and short pitch corrugations.


We are the leader in mobile and trackside friction management application systems. An important component of TFM these delivery systems, known as our H.O.W.™ (Hi-Rail, On-Board, Wayside) approach, provide a complete offering of options for application of lubricants and friction control products. From application systems to Remote Performance Monitoring technology to bulk distribution systems we offer the “total” package to get the job done.


L.B. Foster offers the expertise required for solving a variety of wheel/rail interface issues utilizing analysis techniques. We provide sophisticated and detailed monitoring of friction control performance and measurement/tracking of lateral/vertical forces, friction levels, rail wear, fuel consumption and rolling contact fatigue development.


L.B. Foster’s wayside systems are backed by market-leading experience with wheel/rail interface issues. Our team of professionals can provide the service and technical expertise necessary to install, maintain and verify the optimum performance of your system throughout its life cycle.


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