The Rail Cap™ and weld repair joint bar are designed to perform unique roles that keep traffic moving!

Rail Cap™

The Rail Cap™ allows trains to travel over broken rails with up to 5 inches of separation at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. The patent-pending design easily installs in minutes, allowing trains to keep their schedule until a repair crew can arrive. The Rail Cap™ can be installed directly over a tie or between ties at welded joints, rail joints or anywhere separation occurs. It fits rail sizes 80 lb. to 141 lb., with curve wear or overflow up to one inch, in tangent track or curves up to 18 degrees. One person installation without any special tools makes the Rail Cap™ ideal for signal maintainers, engine crews, track maintainers, track inspectors, welding gangs and line gangs. The Rail Cap™ is a temporary repair and requires visual inspection during train operation.

 Weld Repair Joint Bar

Designed for maintaining rail alignment and vertical support in case of field weld failure or a detected rail flaw, the high-strength steel bar includes a forged offset that fits around the weld and holds securely until repairs can be made. This can be installed on most currently used rail sections. It provides excellent head support at pull aparts, and where regulations allow, it can be utilized as a temporary "set and forget" device.