Switch Products

MACK™ Reversible Switch Point Protectors

Wheel flanges impact very heavy loads against the toe of a switch point. This results in rapid deterioration of the switch point and eventually leads to chipping of the running edge. MACK™ Switch Point Protectors take the brunt of this impact and divert the wheel flanges from the point. MACK™ Protectors are made from high quality manganese steel and are reversible when one edge becomes worn. Their use prolongs the life of a switch point by as much as five times. In addition to reducing wear on switch points, MACK™ Protectors help to prevent derailments due to split switches by helping deflect wheel flanges past any switch that is not completely closed. MACK™ Reversible Switch Point Protectors are designed for slow speed territory and are ideally suited to yards, industrial loads and private sidings. A maximum speed of 15 mph (25 kph) is advised.

MACK™ Reversible Switch Point Protectors

  • Eliminates switch point batter
  • Installs easily
  • Reverses for double life
  • Features replaceable protector front plates

 Installation Instructions™

The end of the Protector plate should be approximately 2" from the switch point, as shown below. The 1" diameter holes in the stock rail can be marked off by using the back plate as a template. After drilling the holes, follow the steps below:

  1. Hold the back plate into the rail web on the GAUGE side.
  2. Place the protector plate onto the back plate.
  3. Pass the bolts through the Protector plate, back plate, and rail holes.
  4. Fit the washer plate over the two bolts on the field side of the rail.
  5. Place the washers on to the bolts and install the elastic stop nuts. Tighten to 300 ft. lbs.